VR Hackathon brings together the brightest minds to develop innovative VR/AR solutions


The VR Hackathon is a community driven event bringing together people interested in developing innovative VR/AR solutions, having fun, and helping to build the future of immersive technologies. Co-organized by Poznań University of Economics and Business and based on the infrastructure of its unique VR lab, the event provides an exploratory environment where disruption, innovation, and creative ideas are brought to life.

The event is a part of a global series of VR hackathons organized by the Web3D Consortium. VR Hackathon in Poznań is co-located with the ACM Web3D 2018 Conference, which gathers leading researchers, VR/AR technology providers and business users. The mix of business mentors and technical experts encourages innovative applications of VR/AR technologies.


  • Open to teams as well as individuals
  • Unique mix of business and technical mentors
  • Latest VR devices to test and win!
  • Presentation in front of international VR audience for the best teams
  • Multiple business-driven tracks (e.g., engineering, architecture, medicine)
  • Free entry, but limited seats

Join us to discover and build VR solutions with real business value!

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Individuals, teams, and organizations.


Hackathon Porjects will be judged by the above rules in each of the hack categories.

To be complete, a project submission(Devpost) must include:

1. Project title and hack Category

2. Full Names of each team members

3. Email address for each team member

4. Devices, Software, Content, and Harware used

5. A short 1 minute video explaining the experience, ideally a combination of screen captured footage and video footage of a person playing the event

Please submit the above before 8:00 PM on 18 June 2018 (excepting video, can be added any time before 11:00 AM June 19, 2018)

How to enter

Developers must officially register here: VR Hackathon Poznań

We encourage entrants to bring their own hardware to work with.

Please ensure that all electrical cables as tested and tagged by our electrician before use onsite.



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Judges will be announced on 19 June 2018

Judging Criteria

  • Judging Begins 1:00 PM 19 June 2018
  • Best Artistic Experience
  • Best Social Experience